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The basics... like it says...dealing with basic things that a lot of us take for granted but a lot of people just starting out riding may not know. If you have a proven tech tip or have found an easier way to tackle a hard task send them in and share them with others who share the highways with us. As you should know by now this is limited to Harley Davidsons only, there is simply not room nor time to cover the other brands.
The usual disclaimer goes along with this as always. This page has no connection with Harley Davidson in any shape or form other than the joy of riding the motorcycle. Also as with any tech tip some common sense goes a long ways, if your told to remove paint from your gas tanks with a torch..well....I'll attempt to screen the tech tips out but needless to say...just cause it's written don't make it so. Email your tech tips toWebmaster

Intake Alignment
Secure Exhaust
Drag Pipes
Clutch Adjustment...For Shovelheads
The Tamer...Clutch relief
Custom Forks...This is for you Legs :o)
Adjusting Hydraulic Lifters...Piece of cake

****MURPHY'S LAW****

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