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  • What do you do when your watch, computer, and telephone clock show three different times? The free Atomic Clock Sync utility can help resolve this time confusion by keeping your computer up-to-date with the exact current time. The utility references an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available, and then updates your PC's information. You can even set it to automatically check the time once a day. Download

    Before you rush to clog up your friends email servers with the latest word on some lame virus click on the button below:



  • I've tried to gather up a few sites where you can find products that will make your life a little easier on your computer and your wallet. Some are shareware, some freeware and others give you a evaluation period to try their programs out. Course if you can live with a nag screen some you can run forever, while others place a time limit on usage. I've always figured if you can afford it buy it if your broke use it until you can buy it. One good thing about it is you have the chance to try them out before parting with your hard earned money. To read what shareware is go here. Of course you'll find a few links that have nothing to do with computers or motorcycles listed here...I just happen to dig em!


    C|NET... A new service that provides the fastest access to the latest browser downloads and plug-ins for both PC and Mac users.

    Opera...This browser kicks butt, I've used it for years. Without a doubt the fastest browser out there.


    WinRAR... Archive utility for Windows
    WinZip...Another archive utility for Windows

    WebWasher...Filters out ads, pop-up windows, scripts, cookies, Web bugs and other Web annoyances. Free for noncommercial use.

    Processor Serial Number Control Utility...The Intel® processor serial number control utility is a Windows* program that enables or disables the reading of the Pentium® III processor serial number by software. This allows users to control which software programs or websites have permission to read the processor serial number. When installed, the utility runs automatically each time the system is started.

    Patch...Seems everyone wants to track you. Windows 98 Registration Wizard which is used when you register your copy of Win98 with Microsoft, also generates a unique hardware ID number and a Microsoft ID number based on your PC's configuration and the data you enter during registration. This information can be viewed and even manipulated by any Web site you visit. Windows Magazine has a patch to remove this information from your registery.

    Download Dunce

    Think of all the steps you go through in Windows 95 to connect to the Internet. Sure, it's less complicated than Windows 3.1 or NT, but it's no holiday. First, you have to open your connection profile, click Connect and wait for the connection -- if there's a busy signal or a connection problem, you may have to do this repeatedly. Once you finally have a connection you have to startup your applications.

    This process of Internet connection becomes an accepted routine, but it can become annoying if you have to do it several times a day, especially on a slower PC. In an ideal world, it could all happen with a single click of the mouse and that's the aim of Dunce.

    Encrypted Magic Folders...

    Encrypted Magic Folders (EMF) is a Windows 95 utility that ensures private data remains that way. Once installed by running MAGIC.EXE EMF becomes a powerful program that optionally hides and encrypts data in any specified folder. Simply add a folder to the list and tell EMF to hide and/or encrypt it and the program does the rest.

    ZDNet Password Pro...

    ZDNet's Password Pro 32 is a handy utility that helps you track your various passwords. Use the program to store a list of user names, passwords, and system information, and to set expiration warnings. Free.

    RZSplit...If you need to save one big file on several floppy disks, RZSplit is a must have!

    Encryption...Have a need to secure your files for whatever reasons? Here's some encryption programs for Windows 95.

    Kremlin...This is excellent software. In its most secure setting, Kremlin uses 160 bits of encryption key. If one billion computers were each searching one billion keys per second, it would take over 1013 years to recover a file encrypted with Kremlin. That's 10,000,000,000,000 years, more than the life of the universe!

    F-Prot AntiVirus Program...

    The English shareware version of F-PROT is free of charge for any individual using it on his/her personal owned computer, which is not used for a commercial purpose.

    Symantec Corp...

    Some great utilities here. Norton Utilities has saved my butt many times over the years. If you only have room for one program in your budget this should be it. Also check out the software called Secret Stuff. It allows you to send encrypted files to anyone and they don't have to have the software loaded on their computer as long as you give them the password you choose for the file they will be able to open it.

    Map This...

    Writing HTML code for client-side image maps is a snap with Map This. This free authoring utility looks at your .GIF or JPG image files, letting you layout portions of the image to be mapped to URL addresses.

    Windows 95 Shareware...I think the name speaks for itself.


    ...Free download for video chat.

    Download Trillian!...Connect to ICQ®, AIM®, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface. Trillian .74 is completely free, with no use limits, no spyware and no ads.

    Mail Call...

    You have e-mail the you have spam and likely a host of other garbage that you download daily just to have to delete. Here's a free Utility from PC Magazine that allows you to delete the trash you don't want from the mail server before you download your mail. Try it you'll wonder how you managed without it.

    Web Phone...

    Talk long distance without the long distance charges.

    ichat Pager...

    The fastest, easiest way to communicate with your friends and colleagues online. This is a cool pager and the price is


    Messages,pager,chat and a host of other stuff. Still free but who knows how long that will last now that AOL has bought it up.


    The best IRC client out there for PC users. Mac users should go here to download Ircle's latest version. If your seeking some fun or information in chat channels. Be forewarned this sucker can waste a lot of your time when you could be riding but it's cool when for whatever reason you find yourself house bound. Can be very addictive I know folks whose lives revolve around IRC.

    Eudora Pro...

    The best email program out. Download an evaluation copy of Eudora Pro. Good for 30 days, the Internet's most powerful E-mail software. You'll never go back to your browsers email program!

    Eudora Light...

    Download the free version of Eudora's email program. Of course it's missing some of the features of Eudora Pro but it's still a great one.

    Pegasus Mail..

    .Some swear by this email client [Hey Sarge, thanks], give it a try. The price is certainly right it's free without lacking features. If your carrying more than one email address and don't want to shell out for Eudora, this is the client to have.

    Ristra Mail Monitor...

    If your using any of the above web based email this utility is a real time saver.


    ...Flash Memory Store...The flash memory experts.

    ...Your one stop memory solution.


    Home of the Zip Drive, Jaz Drive, tape backups and other great products.


    ACDSee...The best damn viewer out there for your photos and graphics. You can't edit with it but that's not it's purpose. Nobody I've turned on to this product has not liked it.

    Paint Shop Pro...An excellent inexpensive program for dealing with photographs and graphics. Download and give it a run for 30 days. This is one of the better PSP sites I have found, lots of free plugins to download along with great tutorials. Or go to the source, Jasc Software Paint Shop Pro site.

    Seattle Filmworks...If you use a 35mm camera or digital this is a great place. List of Graphics and Clip Art *thanks Courtney for the heads up.


    COMPUTER DICTIONARY...What don't you understand? If it's about computers you'll find it here.

    The Lookup Center

    WEB PAGE HELP of cut and paste java scripts for you web site...

    Pambyes Free Web Graphics...Some nice work here and the price is

    DevSearch...DevSearch is the first search engine created for the people who build the web. It indexes only sites that are relevant to building webpages. You'll save yourself time because you can search all of the major web developer sites from one easy-to-use interface.


    ***MURPHY'S LAW***

    To my brother Tim.May you Rest In Peace. Thanks for turning me on to computers! Even if I did have to drag you away from DOS..*grin* and even now I'll admit my starting out in DOS gave me a learning curve that helps me today when problems present themself..

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