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You got something you want to shout out? If it's biker related let it be voiced here. One thing bikers haven't been accused of yet is not having opinions so send it in and let your voice be heard. Send opinions to Webmaster


Links to opinions listed by date recieved, last being first.

Kel, a disappointed viewer 2-26-2010
Imported Parts by CrazyJ 4-23-05
*A response to CrazyJ by Bull1% 4/29/05
Waving by Doc 2-9-05
John's question 2-7-05
Jim's Opinion 1-1-05
Front Ends 9-5-04
Don't sit on your ass......
Rant against Shovelheads 6-26-04
*Well shucks, still like my shovel by 4sp
Orange County Choppers 3-12-04
Babes by 12-14-03
*A response to Superglide by 4sp
Prayer by 10-29-03
Pissed at FourSpeed by Wildchild 7-31-03
An American Opinion by CcRider 4-4-03
Real Harley??? by Danny 3-22-03
Collecting Dust by 4sp 12-24-02
*A response to dust by Wolf
Freedom by Glo 12-20-02
Thanks by Bill 7-1-02
Babes by
Head by Wayne 4-28-02
Fuck em by Louis 4-6-02
Letter to the editor of Florida Today newspaper 3-8-02 by Falcon
Thursday Night by 4sp 1-24-02
Opinion by PocoCJ 3-3-01
Final Words by David 7-1-00
Yuppie Scum? by Andrew 7-1-00
Fucked by Kevin 4-30-00
Mountain Man has a say 4-16-00
Scumbags by Panhead Fran 4-1-00
Rest and Beer by Sarge 3-31-00
Brotherhood/Sisterhood by Pebbles^ 3-17-00
Warnings by Cap'n Bill 9-29-99
We've Been Warned by Savage 9-99
*A response to Savage by Critter 11-5-02
Tears Worth Sheding by Rebel Ruthi 7-22-99
Boycott of Dunkin Donuts
The Tinker Test of Reality by D.S. Pangallo
There Ought To Be A Law by Falcon 6-24-99
Letter to AMA by Pan 5-1-99
Helmets by Jollipops 4-23-99
Helmets by Rice Rocket Guy 4-23-99
Helmets by Daw 4-23-99
Evos vs Shovels by Turtle 4-23-99
Adious Muther Fucker by Joe 4-18-99
My Religion by Roscoe 4-18-99
Dedicated by Tim 3-26-99
The Shovel and AMF by Rory 3-10-99
Who Cares by D. Scoot Whitehead 3-10-99
The Enemy Within by 4sp
Biking by Rory 2-19-99
Shovelheads And Those Who Ride Em by Rufus 10-10-98
Counter Opinions to Shovelheads And Those Who Ride Em*
*Shovels Rule by Sassy 10-11-98
*Shovels Ect. by JiveBunny 10-11-98
*Shovelheads and Bowling Balls by Bambam 10-13-98
*Shovelheads by Rowdy 10-15-98
*Shovelheads by 45 Mike Rene 10-16-98
*Bowling Balls by FourSpeed 11-20-98
*Screw Evos by Boiler Belly 1-11-99
*Shovelheads over the Big Pond by Kevin 2-7-99
*Fuck What Anyone Else Thinks by Pan 2-19-99
*Is It Ego by John 2-27-99
*Re:Ego by The RIPSTER 3-6-99

Brotherhood by Mountainman 8-31-98
Brotherhood by Comsic Chris 8-4-98
Brotherhood by Dorito 7-27-98
Brotherhood by bikerchik 7-23-98
The Meaning of Brotherhood by Bo 7-23-98
Brotherhood by Bambam 7-21-98
Brotherhood by bikermama 7-21-98
Brotherhood by Fatboyusa 7-16-98
Helmet Law Modification by Doc 5-4-98
Censorship and Discrimination by FatboyUSA 4-4-98
Thoughts by RR 3-1-98
Discrimination by Ed 1-26-98
RUBS and YUBS by Pan 1-18-98
Brotherhood by Shade 12-20-97
Brotherhood by Rockdoctor 12-20-97
Start at the Begining by Roscoe12-19-97
Brotherhood by JR^ 12-15-97
Trailers by Sarge 12-14-97
United by Sassy 12-9-97
Real Biker's Harley by Maddog 12-9-97
Anybody Home by Tigger 11-27-97
HD-Chat by Ms Hardtail 11-26-97
JAP WALKIES by Jake 11-22-97
Helmets by Corky 7-24-97
Testimony of Twyla Gab
Bikers or Brothers 7-17-97
Flip This by FourSpeed 7-10-97
Newbies by Black Bart 7-9-97
Head Injuries by Rebel Ruthie 5-24-97
Helmets in Virginia by Nasty 4-9-97
HD-Ricky on Yuppies 4-9-97
Crazy Canuks by RebelRdr 3-23-97
Bubba on Yuppies 3-21-97
Freedom by Magic Man 2-14-97
Biker Runs by Cobby 2-8-97