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Rat on Skull

Tattoos & Piercing

Tell me what is a biker without a tattoo, kinda like your favorite beer joint when it runs out of beer. In this day and age of high prices for good work a lot of folks aren't so quick to pull off the shirt and allow mother nature to do it's damage.

Here's your chance to show off your stuff. Send photo of your tattoo to Webmaster. If possible include the artist and the shop he or she works out of including address and phone number.
The SkullRat flash was drawn by Die Hard.

Address for Scanning Photos

UV Ink
Amy's foot ink
Tony's rebel ink
Regina's back piece
Dave's Lady
Krystal's Ink
John's Ink
Red's Ink
Dillon's Ink
Dogman's Ink updated 1-5-2008
JoAnn's tattoo
DeWayne's Ink
Billy Ray's Ink
Lloyd's Ink
Whiteman's Ink
Sherry's InkUpdated 12-25-06
FourSpeed's InkUpdated 12-03-2006
Angelas Tattoos
Ronda's TattoosUpdated 11-2006, my daughter-in-law :-)
Vanessa's tattoos
Susan's tattoos
Jade's tattoos and piercings
Kara's tattoos
Ma's Ink
Sassy's InkUpdated 7-9-06
Kansas Lady
Jennifer's starts her backUpdated 5-23-06
MysteryUpdated 5-6-05
MindScab's Ink [My son]Updated 12-2005
Joel's tattoo
Carol's Ink
Heather's Thumper
Brian's ink
Spider Boops's Ink
Lina's Ink Updated 10-16=04
Dylan's ink
Liz's first ink
Tesha's Ink
Nikki's Ink...updated 5-2-2004
Grasshopper...updated 3-26-04
Adam's back
Blufrog's Ink
Laura's Ink
Bow's Ink
Ink on Wheel
bikerchik's ink
Irish Mike's IMO ink
Brittanie's Ink
Aaron's ink
Nikki's Dophins
CornChip's BackUpdated 4-11-03
Steve's 100 year HD logo
Peggy's new ink
Sean's Tattoos
Capn's ink
Dogman's Ink from Mexico
LadyHawkUpdated 3-16-02
Willie's Ink
Pete's H-D Ink
Jae's Ink
Bob's Peace Sign
Teresa's Frog
Pirate's Tattoos
Kathy's Tattoos
Tina's Ink
David's Heart
Jeff's Tattoos
Steve's Ink
Pebble's Ink
Jay's Tatts
Max's Wolf
Inkinstein's work
Russ's Back Piece and sleevesUpdated 7-2-00
Devon's Piercing
Dee's Peach
Thumper's Ink
Zack's Ink
Cheryl's Ink
Ed's Tattoos
Rasti's Ink
MountainmanUpdated 5-27-99
Kerry and Ashley
Tiger's Ink and PiercingsUpdated 12-1-99
Michael's Tattoo
Cougar's Ink
FatCat's Tattoo
BloodWolf's Ink
Papaboop's InkUpdated 6-12-99
Darky's Ink
Connie's Toe Tat
Brian's Tattoos
Sarge's Ink
Ewoke's Ink
LM Fields Dragon
Model Unknown
Catt's InkUpdated 11-17-98
Tina's Ink
Tatted One
HouseMouse's Tattoos
Pan's Tattoos
Ken's Wolf by Guy Clark in Calgary
Tigg's Free Spirit
Michael's JesterUpdated 9-28-99
Nicole's Frog
Steve's Ink
Bikerckik's Ink
Jill's Ink
XMode's Ink
Leg's Ink
Rowdy's Ink