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******Your Inner Voice******

Need a place to put that short story, poem, cartoon or painting that has been burning a hole in your head? Write it down, scan it or whatever it takes and send to Webmaster Insert **WORDS** in the subject area of email. Your email address will be shown unless requested otherwise. *Take a minute to bounce the authors a line if something touches you, I'm sure they would appreciate the feedback.

Buried Deep by Bob Courtwright...

Words by 45 Mike...

Words by Bill Davis...

Words by Mark...Updated 3-30-2007

Words by Wildbill

Frog Legs by Art

Words by Sludge...Updated 12-24-2004

Words by Stormy

Trippin' by Gary

Words by Skip...Updated 2-8-04

Words by Lina...Updated 11-9-2003

Untitled by a man in the shadows 6-25-03

Words by JimmyK

Words by Slim

Words by Liz

Words by Tinker...Updated 11-24-02

Words by bikerchik

Words by Pagan Preacher...updated 8-5-02

Words by Demon

Some Thoughts by Daniel

Weekend by Cap'n

Words by Jerry Olson...updated 2-25-01

Untitled by Pamela...Updated 2-16-01

Robert's Words

The Two Wolves by Author Unknown

Sun Hungry by Loco Lobo

Words by Kanga...A collection of works by Kanga.

Max's Words...Updated 9-3-01

Newbies by Tigger

Untitled by Rowdy

Ride For wild-fire by FourSpeed

Words by bikermama

Words by Tigger

The Old Lone Wolf By Irish

Words by Mongrel

Mountain Riding ...Dedicated to Mary Lou from Mongrel

Holiday Cheer by FourSpeed

What Is Freedom by TexSnake

Words by Sassy

He Won't Return By Doc

Sudden Stop By Vulture

Words By Legs

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